12 March 2009



The Voodoo Kreepers are alive and kicking. And to get the show back on the road we will be doing a SPECIAL PERFORMANCE at The Beach Hop on Friday 27th of March at the at beach on the Onemana cruise. We will be performing with The Plymouth Furys and we will hit the stage (or the grassy area that we will be standing on) around 12pm. So make sure you get there early enough to park up, grab a cold one and join us for a performance that i promise will rock out. It will be our only performance at Beach Hop this year due to other commitments with filming for The Red Shift and Geoff playing with the awesome Recliner Rockers (who you have GOT to see if you havent already)

A huge thanks to Noddy and The Plymouth Fury's for allowing us such a short notice comeback show.

Also, there is a chance, and i say again, a chance, that we will also be performing on Sunday 29th March at the ever growing Hot Rod Blowout, which is held at the Avondale Speedway track just by the motorway on the North Western Motorway. this is always an awesome event chockablock with dragsters, traditional hot rods and customs, live music, and sexy ladies being........sexy. gates usually open around 9am, and bands usually kick off around 10 ish. so get your asses out of bed and come spend the day being kooler than kool.

we'll see you out there folks. cant wait to be playing for you all again.

check out www.myspace.com/thevoodookreepers to listen to some tracks.

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