02 March 2009

AmeriCARna 09 - day four

Day Four

Saturday 28 – 02 – 2009

The rain was still pelting down when I awoke at 8am. Yes, only six hours of sleep was to be my rest for the night. But I was feeling rather rejuvenated all the same. I bid farewell to Alison’s parents who where making the journey to Hawke’s Bay for The Mission concert, albeit crap weather, they were optimistic the concert would still go on.

After sitting around for the morning, I finally got a text from the guy coming to buy my wagon that they were all of 40kms away from Hawera. So I fired up the old girl and took her for my last cruise down through the desolate main street. Im not used to seeing an empty street on a Saturday, it was like stepping back 25 years to the days when shops closed at noon on Saturday and didn’t even bother opening on Sunday. It was eerie, but very fitting way to say goodbye to my faithful old girl.

Grinter (his nickname of course), showed up with his mates in a slammed Ford XM station wagon, and it was a slick ride, I should have grabbed a picture but didn’t have my camera. Grinter and I took my wagon for a cruise and he seemed completely stoked with her, and I pointed out all the little things I could think of that would / could need attention or cause him problems, as I didn’t want for him to think I was hiding anything. He was happy though, and we did the deal and he dropped me back to Alison’s house.

I tried to not watch as he drove off, but I couldn’t resist. I turned and stared, eyes glazed over like a man watching his woman walk off into the sunset embraced by another man. I fell to me knees, tears permeating from my swollen, bloodshot eyes, and as raised my arms I searched the sky and screamed like a man watching his best friend die in battle. ‘WHYYYYYYY, WHY GOD, WWWWWHHHHYYYYYY’????

Nah just shitting yah, I did look back as he cruised away, and it looked awesome cruising off, and I can only imagine the excitement Grinter would be feeling, just him and his kool old cruiser making their maiden voyage together. He will do great things with the Val that’s for sure.

Anyways, back at camp, Alison and I had resigned our selves to a very boring Saturday night in Hawera. We went to the shops and bought ingredients for chicken pasta, some chips and dip and headed home and simply splodged on the couch and watched TV. And that was it, day four, and thus, my journey was all but complete. Only one more day to go and that is just my journey back to Auckland. Yay, Auckland…………NOT

no pictures today. well, some of a cat, but i wont bother you with those cos it doesnt make me look very manly now does it? hahaha

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