13 May 2009

It's been ages. But here we go

ok, so there's a lot of catching up to do as its been a good month since my last blog. life has been very full on. between the red shift, doing my normal gigs, doing a few voodoo kreepers gigs, trying to get time with my kids (not successfully thanks to their mother may i add? not happy), and packing up house and getting ready to fly to aussie in 4 days, has meant my attention has been elsewhere.

so sorry for the delay, but yeah, i promise to get my ass into gear and be more frequent once i land in aussie and start getting to shows etc. i have a lot to take in in my first 5 weeks in aussie, including time with family, going to brisbane for wintersun and winternational drags. sydney for about 10 days to see friends, then back to melbourne where i will then get reasdy to head to Mt Hotham to help my sister manage a ski lodge. its gunna be a LOT of fun and i cant wait to learn how to ski / snowboard. im hoping it will help me a lot with getting back into shape.

anyways, i will try get some pics loaded up soon with some updates, but it may be easier to just focus on starting everything rolling once i hit aussie.

take care


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  1. You better text me when you get to Brissy! I want to know how my number 1 student is doing :D